NASCAR-Wild West (Las Vegas Race March 2017 Analysis)

NASCAR has always been a part of my life.  Since I was born in 1985 the name Dale Earnhardt was synonymous in my house.  The houses where I lived were decorated with the Black and Red of Dale Earnhardt everywhere.  Sunday’s were often race days in these houses and we were never to leave the house until we watched NASCAR.

Now, fast forward 20 years and I am sitting at my house with my wife and son watching NASCAR.  My son is to the point that he does not know what fighting is.  Myself and my wife watched as Kyle Busch walked up pit road to Joey Logano and attempted to punch him in the face.  I had worked in the NASCAR field and professionalism was always apart of your job.  NASCAR made a mistake when they did not punish these drivers.  In the professional world if you were fighting a co-worker you were either fired on the spot or suspended for two weeks.  I think that NASCAR needs to instill some “professionalism” that they preach on these drivers.  We are past this “boys have at it” mentality.  If you preach to your employees professionalism then it needs to be across the board not just whenever you feel like it is necessary for ratings.

Sambagz OUT.